Weekly and Biweekly Maintenance Plans

Do you want a maintenance free pool that you only have to enjoy?

Schedule us to take care of it weekly and you'll never have to mess with caring for it again.

We offer both weekly and biweekly (every other week) maintenance plans at a discounted rate. To receive this special rate, we must open/start-up and close/winterize you pool each year, and the maintenance plan must continue from opening to closing throughout the season.

As part of our maintenance plans, we do a complete and full cleaning, including vacuum and water line, hand-brush the water line, steps, inside skimmers, etc. backwash the filter, and test and adjust the water chemistry as needed. Biweekly customers will need to test and adjust their pool water during the week we aren't scheduled.

Weekly service days are designated based on the area you live and once the request is made we will give you an assigned day. We do our best to arrive on the same day each week, but weather and seasonal scheduling sometimes cause us to arrive the day before or after your scheduled day.

Treat yourself to a beautiful swimming pool all summer long!

Option 1 - Weekly Maintenance

$80 per hour visit (weekly) plus the cost of chemicals

Option 2 - Biweekly Maintenance

$90 per hour visit (once every two weeks) plus the cost of chemicals

Please note - We service the southern Indiana counties of Vanderburgh, Warrick, Posey and Gibson (Princeton and south) only. We currently do not extend our service outside these areas.